Our Guarantee

• Every diesel long block is completely disassembled and individual components (blocks, heads, rods, crankshafts, and camshafts) thoroughly cleaned to remove all contaminants which can lead to early engine failure.
• All blocks and cylinder heads are inspected for cracks and casting weakness using magnetic particle inspection methods.
• Cylinders are bored, then honed and gauged to precise tolerances as applicable to specific engine design as per the OEM specifications in CNC machinery centers.
• All block and cylinder head surfaces are machined to angle as necessary and inspected with a profilometer to ensure the proper surface finish.
• All valves, valve guides, and seats are replaced as necessary and machined to OEM specifications.
• Every crankshaft is thoroughly reconditioned and rebalanced where applicable to specific build as per the OEM specifications.
• Each connecting rod is machined in CNC machining center and matched to a specific crankshaft and engine specification in coordination with the OEM specifications.
• Our long blocks receive a standard set of new parts such as gaskets, valves, and springs, pistons and piston rings, bearings, seals, liners, oil pump or oil pump gears all of which are applicable to specific engine design.
• Blackwater Engines tests each long block in an RMC ETS-100 CNC test machine. Compression, oil pressure, vacuum, and various other data points are computer-driven and recorded. We are proud to have been a part of the design and programming of the ETS-100, and we received the delivery of the first machines produced in 2017.

Purchaser’s Obligations - Diesel Long Block
The purchaser must complete and return a copy of the provided warranty certificate within thirty days of receiving their long block. Purchaser must retain a copy of all pertinent documents related to the engine purchase and warranty. The obligations assumed under this warranty are in lieu of all expressed or implied guarantees.

As the purchaser, you are responsible for the return of your engine core in the container in which it was received, and all necessary parts as outlined. The core must be assembled and 
complete. All cores must be returned within thirty (30) days of receipt. Your warranty terms may be subject to review if core return terms have not been met. Blackwater Engines will not charge installers for cores that are not promptly or properly returned. It is solely the responsibility of the Purchaser to return the engine core within thirty (30) days.

Installer’s Obligations - Diesel Long Block

It is the installer's responsibility to ensure all engine accessories and controls are in proper working condition. The installer must prime the oil system by using air over hydraulic (pump) or similar. Using the starter to prime your oil system will immediately void all warranties. See the Blackwater Engines long block installation instructions.
The installer must purchase new or remanufactured injectors. Replace the oil cooler and all associated lines with the block. Replace the air compressor if applicable. Reset the computer system and scan to verify proper operation. Bleed air from the cooling system on a closed system with an evacuation system. Clean the intake system and other internal parts installed on the engine.

Break-in Procedures - Diesel Long Block
Your BWE remanufactured engine requires special care during its initial “break-in” period. All new and remanufactured engines are subject to multiple break-in periods. Engine oil and oil filter must be changed within 25 miles of initial installation and startup, then again after 500 miles. Failure to complete scheduled break-in maintenance will void your warranty. To ensure your engine's long life expectancy and proper engine performance, please follow these procedures during the first 500 miles of operation.


Warranty Terms - Diesel Long Block

This warranty covers components against defects in our workmanship and material in accordance with the schedules and limitations listed herein. This warranty does not include coverage of any damages due to alteration, accident, or negligence in maintenance, including but not limited to improper use and/or any use other than the vehicle’s initial design. This includes all use related to racing or competition. All racing related parts, aftermarket or non-OEM will void this warranty (aftermarket fuel systems, turbo, blowers, modified computer systems, or any other modification that is not on the vehicle or equipment when built by the OEM manufacturer).
Proper use is discussed in the Owner’s Manual of your vehicle. In addition, coverage does not apply if the mileage reading has been altered or the odometer has been disconnected. The warranty does not cover damage caused by a lack of scheduled maintenance, which is noted in your owner’s manual. This includes proper levels of fluids, lubricants, oil, and fuel. Proof of proper maintenance is the owner’s responsibility. Keep all maintenance related receipts, as they may be requested during the processing of any warranty claim.

This warranty does not warrant against substitute transportation, towing, lost sales or income, profits, loss of time, lodging, injury or death to persons, or any additional incidental damages that may occur during operation, maintenance, installation or repair of the vehicle or long block. No reimbursement for fluids, filters, fuel, sensors, belts, hoses, injectors, and any gaskets not supplied by Blackwater Engines. Consumables will not be covered.
The standard limited warranty will cover no more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) in out of pocket expenses or any other expense associated with a warranty claim. Blackwater Engines also offers two warranty upgrades; a Gold Plan and a Platinum Plan:

Gold Extended Warranty Plan increases only the payout limit to Fifteen Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) in out of pocket costs for an additional $250.00. Blackwater Engines will cover a warranty return shipping/freight only not to exceed $250. The Gold Extended Warranty option is available for purchase on all long blocks purchased directly from Blackwater Engines.

Platinum Extended Warranty Plan increases the payout limit to Fifteen Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) in out of pocket costs and increases the time limit of an extra year for an additional $500. Blackwater Engines will cover a warranty return shipping/freight only not to exceed $250. The Platinum Extended Warranty is not available for on-road industrial, motor homes, any vehicle registered over one (1) ton, off-road industrial, agricultural, marine diesel, commercially registered diesel engines, generator engines, commercially registered vehicles, equipment or any bolt on a part not installed by Blackwater Engines.

No full refunds will be issued after the engine has been installed. It is the installer’s responsibility to make sure the engine being installed is correct for the application and is like for like with the existing engine. Labor cost is based on Chilton’s labor guide at $70.00 per hour labor rate.
Note: The extended warranty options are only available at the time of purchase.
Note: No warranty claim will be addressed until the core engine has been returned.
Note: No warranty payments will be processed until all warranty items have been returned and inspected by Blackwater Engines.
Blackwater Engines shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from a breach of this written warranty or any implied warranty.
This warranty is transferable only if all warranty transfer paperwork is properly filed with Blackwater Engines.
Any dispute arising under or in connection with the agreement or related to any matter which is the subject of the agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the General District Court for the City of Virginia Beach or the Circuit Court for the City of Virginia Beach. This Agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The buyer agrees to pay all attorney fees incurred by Blackwater Engines in connection with any dispute arising under this contract.
This warranty does not cover issues associated with improper installation and/or reuse of components not included with the new engine. Thus including:

• Damage due to computer codes or check engine light codes not addressed and repaired as per OEM calibrations.
• Damage due to the installer using incorrect gaskets or sealant. Be sure to confirm the gaskets are correct for your engine and application prior to installation.
• Overheating due to faulty cooling system (bad radiator), fuel system, computer system or water pressure loss. Do not remove the heat tabs installed on your long block. Melted, damaged, tampered with or removed heat tabs will void all warranties.
• All oil systems must be pressure primed prior to initial startup with air over hydraulic pump or similar. Skipping this crucial step may lead to irreparable bearing damage and cannot be warrantied. Do not use your vehicle’s starter and engine’s oil pump to prime the oil system. This will cause irreparable bearing damage and cannot be warrantied.
• All accessory parts must be properly cleaned and/or replaced prior to installation. This includes an oil cooler, sheet metal, etc.
• Please ensure that all timing marks are set properly as per OEM specifications depending upon the application, before installation.
• Damaged pistons, cylinders, valves or rings caused by overheating, detonation, over-fueling, over boost by the turbo, a foreign object entering the combustion chamber, or faulty fuel system cannot be warrantied.
• Engines stored longer than 6 (six) months by a distributor or end-user or in a vehicle “not in use” for 6 (six) months require maintenance. Claims arising from loss or damage due to storage or lack of use will not be reimbursed by Blackwater Engines.
NOTE: Oil pumps, oil coolers (if purchased from Blackwater Engines) and other bolt-on accessories included with the long block have a 6 (six) months warranty, keep in mind that some parts may carry a longer warranty by the manufacturer, for those cases contact the manufacturer.

Limitations - Diesel Long Block

This warranty applies to products originally supplied by Blackwater Engine. This warranty does not apply to or include any of the following:
• Problems caused by parts that are not BWE parts.
• Damage bearings because of Overheating, Lack of Lubrication, Fuel Wash or Contamination.
• Damage resulting from Over Fueling or Over Boosting. Including but not limited to a melted or broken piston, broken piston rings, damaged cylinder heads, leaking head gaskets, etc. For more information regarding pre-ignition and detonation please contact our Customer Service Department at 877.421.4317.
• Repair or replacement required as a result of an accident or misuse.
• Repair or replacement of any accessory or service item, including specifically but not limited to: all components of the cooling, fuel, electrical, exhaust and ignition systems in addition to all belts, hoses, sensors, switches, and filters.
• Any product used for competition, racing or related purposes.
• Any product to which a device or accessory not conforming to the original manufacturer’s specifications has been installed.
• Damage as a result of electrolysis, including but not limited to, deterioration of engine components as a result of excessive electrical current.
• Improperly maintained coolant, and/or any product on which periodic maintenance services required by the original manufacturer have not been performed.
• Crankshaft Thrust Surface is worn due to excessive forward pressure placed on the rear of the crankshaft.
• Damage resulting from improper repair(s) or attempted repair(s) by any service technician.
• Parts that are scored or broken because an engine was operated with insufficient or contaminated lubricating oil or an incorrect grade of lubricating oil check and refill when necessary and change at recommended intervals. Bearing damage may occur if the oil level is not properly maintained.
• Damage or wear to parts caused by dirt that entered the engine because of improper air cleaner maintenance, re-assembly or use of a non-original air cleaner element or cartridge. At recommended intervals, clean and/or replace the filter as stated in the Operator’s Manual
• Engine or equipment parts are broken by excessive vibration caused by a loose engine mounting, improper attachment of equipment to engine crankshaft or other abuse in operation.
• Lack of routine tune-up or adjustment of the fuel supply system.

• Blackwater Engines (like the industry) do not pay labor when there are issues on gaskets and/or seals that we provide, but do not install.
• Products used in a manner that violates the terms of the BWE Limited Warranty or is used for purposes other than their original intended use.

Note: Bearings are only cover during break-in time. Bearing failure outside the break-in period is considered a lack of maintenance, lack of lubrication, over-fueling, and contamination.

All parts replaced under warranty must be returned to Blackwater Engines in the replacement part's package. Contact The Warranty Department for more information. Failure to return the part/parts may impact your final warranty payout.

Warranty Time Lines- Diesel Long Block

Two (2) Years – Unlimited Miles (Long Blocks)
Class 3 and Below.
6.0L Ford/Navistar.
6.4L Ford/Navistar.
Class 3 and Below.
Platinum Extended Warranty Plan not available for these Long Blocks

Two (2) Years – Unlimited Miles (Long Block)
6.6L Duramax Diesel (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML).
Platinum Extended Warranty Plan is available for these Long Blocks.

One (1) Year or Unlimited Miles/Unlimited Hours (Long Blocks)
All CATERPILLAR Long Blocks.
Platinum Extended Warranty Plan is not available for these Long Blocks.

For any commercially registered vehicle over one (1) ton, on-road industrial, motor homes, off-road industrial, agricultural, marine diesel, commercially registered diesel engines, generator engines, commercially registered vehicles or equipment. Platinum Extended Warranty Plan is not available for any vehicle or equipment.

In order to begin a warranty claim, we require a completed Warranty Claim Form, this form can be found at and must be completed and submitted before any repair work has been done.

All claims must be brought to the attention of the installer, not Blackwater Engines (unless agreed upon by Blackwater Engines). Blackwater Engines does not install engines. Once the installer determines that the failure or problem is within the guidelines of the warranty in question the installer must contact Blackwater Engines. Blackwater Engines will then authorize repairs, not monetary reimbursement, as seen fit, in written format. All authorized repairs will be signed by a Blackwater Engines representative.

Once the repair is authorized, all parts, or the engine in question, must be sent to Blackwater Engines for inspection at the cost of the purchaser. Freight is at the expense of the purchaser for all inbound & outbound warranty shipments.
Blackwater Engines will specify what parts to return in the warranty claim form response. Upon inspection of the parts and /or labor in question, Blackwater Engines will determine the cause of the failure in question.
If Blackwater Engines find the parts and/or labor in question to be the responsibility of Blackwater Engines they will issue a claim acknowledgment stating their findings, responsibility, and liability. Blackwater Engines will then repair or replace the parts in question. No claims will be considered if any outstanding money is unpaid, or any cores have not been received.

For any inquiries please contact us using one of the following methods:
Toll-Free: 1.877.421.4317