Blackwater Engines is one of the industries leading manufactures, specializing in remanufactured diesel and gas engines for truck, off road, and industrial applications. We are also a distributor of Ford and Dodge Cummins complete diesel engines. Established in Norfolk, Virginia, we have been doing business since 1956 and currently are located in the heart of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We offer optional upgraded parts that are higher quality than stock OEM engines. These upgrades set us apart from our competitors and increase the durability of the product you purchase. These upgrades can be customized to suit your specific application and needs. All long blocks are blueprinted, and numerous updates are applied.

Blackwater engines replaces, not repairs damaged crankshafts, cylinder blocks and cylinder heads. We use no welded crankshafts or cylinder blocks, and no cylinder sleeves in cracked cylinders. All diesel and gas engines are remanufactured using materials from the same suppliers as the OEM and machined on CNC equipment to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Without sacrificing build quality, our replacement engines are designed to provide optimal reliability and power.

Replace your damaged or broken engine the quick, easy, and reliable way. Remanufactured engines for sale from Blackwater Engines are nothing short of the best. After installing our replacement diesel engines, your vehicle will run like new—if not better! Contact us now, and we can assist you with acquiring your new engine at a great price. Trust us, your vehicle deserves it.