Diesel Long Block Purchase Process and Core Return Process


Step 1: Receive

We will ship the long block truck freight to the address provided on the order form. The best option is to ship to a commercial business address with 9-5 Monday to Friday business hours. They will need a forklift or loading dock to unload the long block.

We offer delivery services to residential and limited access locations, but additional freight charges will apply. A church, school, farm, business at home, or residence will be considered limited access or residential delivery.

Locations without a forklift or loading dock will need a lift gate equipped truck to deliver their long block and can be arranged for an additional fee.

Engines are normally shipped in a Blackwater Engines wood crate designed for your engine.

There will be a 20% restocking fee for any engine that is returned before installation. There will be a 5% service charge for any order that is canceled by the customer before the engine is shipped.

Step 2: Unpackage and Inspect

You will need to unpackage the engine and complete a side by side comparison of the new engine and the one you removed from your vehicle or equipment.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the long block we ship you is VISIBLY the same as the long block that is being replaced. Check the bolt hole locations, branch tube design, geartrain housing style, etc. BEFORE any parts are installed. We ship you a long block for the engine serial number or VIN number you provide, but a VISUAL check is always best.

Step 3: Transfer Parts

Once you verify that you have received the correct long block, you can begin transferring the parts from your old engine.

You will be shipped a gasket set which will include most of the necessary gaskets for engine installation. You will be responsible for supplying any additional gaskets for the installation that are not included with the long block. Please refer to our listings of the gaskets included with each long block for clarification.

There are special stipulations applied to fuel, cooling, and oil system components which must be adhered to specifically to maintain your warranty. Read these requirements carefully and adhere to them to maintain the validity of your warranty. They are listed on our LONG BLOCK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. A copy will be included with the long block shipment and a copy is also listed under "Documentation" on our home page.

Step 4: Install New Engine

You will receive an envelope with your new long block which will include warranty documents and installation instructions.


Our installation instructions only cover the main mistakes made during installation. Refer to an OEM service manual for installation procedures. Also, make sure the installer is VERY knowledgeable.

Step 5: Return the Core

To return the long block core you must return the core just like the remanufactured long block you received. If the long block was shipped in our wood crate, strap the core back into the crate and screw the top back into place. Please call our toll free number or email cores@blackwaterengines.com to schedule core return and get shipping documents.